About Us

You may remember our founding story, but for those of you that don’t, we’ll give you a little insight. We used to be called just LiLy SaNa HairCare, as named by our founder, Lisa-Lyna Abangma. That was simply because our journey started by selling you the best quality hair straighteners; tourmaline ceramic hair straighteners to be exact. Over time, we’ve been fortunate enough to add more products to our line, such as our exclusive Chinese Mink Hair Extensions, Lace Frontals etc. Naturally, the business has now grown, to the point that we now offer NailCare products too; so it meant a rebrand was imminent.

LiLy SaNa HairCare is no longer our main brand name, we are now just called LiLy SaNa as a whole brand. Under our Brand LiLy SaNa, we now sell HairCare Products and NailCare Products (which can be seen form the two separate sections on our website). So our umbrella sections are now LiLy SaNa HairCare for all our hair products and LiLy SaNa NailCare (LSN) for all our nail products; pretty simple really. 🙂

We’re excited to add LSN to our line of products because we’re truly bringing you the best UV Free Gel Polish in the game! LSN is so special to our hearts because its all about allowing people to create those amazing statement nail pieces in the comfort of their own home, in a safe, non toxic way and as always, for a fraction of what you would expect to pay in a salon and yet STILL getting salon quality results! It really is a win win.

So here we have LiLy SaNa. You can bet this brand is going to continue to grow and we’re so excited to take you along on our journey. We see LiLy SaNa being the one stop shop for ALL your Hair and Beauty needs and ALWAYS at affordable prices so lookout for further expansion of our ranges! Maybe you can even guess what’s next?

Here’s a quick word from our Founder, Lisa-Lyna Abangma:

“LiLy SaNa has truly been my baby over the last few years and it’s so exciting to see how my brand has grown over the years.  For example, we’ve had multiple features in numerous magazines, television appearances, the opportunity to guest speak at multiple events and even being awarded as a finalist for ‘Best Innovation Category’ at the 2017 Precious Hair and Beauty Awards; it’s all been so exciting! All the Love, Support and Recognition that we’ve received thus far hasn’t gone unnoticed and I just pray we can continue to give you great products. One thing LiLy SaNa will always do, is make sure to never compromise on quality as a result of the great affordable prices we give you and I LOVE that for us and YOU! It’s an exciting time for my little brand that started back in July 2016 and I look forward to you all growing with us on this journey, By Gods Grace, as we become a truly recognisable favoured hair and beauty brand within this dynamic Hair and beauty industry.

Thank you for rocking with us so far, we Love you all! xXx”